Your potential is limitless

You have only scratched the surface


Congratulations!  If you are here, it is because you recognize there an opportunity for a change.. a shift.. maybe even a revolution of you.

I can help and support you in this journey.  Private sessions, otherwise known as IST (Inner Space Techniques) are designed to help you become your potential.

It is a process of discovery, knowledge and self-healing.

You may reach out to me because of stress or anxiety.  Family problems that never go away or trauma that needs healing.  Maybe you have feelings of worthlessness, abandonment or depression.  You might feel alone.  Maybe you feel stuck in your life and there is no clear way through. 

Behind these feelings and obstacles lies the wholeness of you.  Ready and waiting.  Your life can be different. By investing in yourself, real change is possible.

IST helps you find your way back to your Self. 

Along the way, trauma and negative imprints are released.  You recognize unhealthy patterns and discover how to choose differently.  The process is experiential.  You don’t just see things, you feel them.  When the insights come, you know it in your gut to be true.  Direct experience is the power of this work.

Clients tell me that one session moves them faster and gives them more insight than years of therapy.  This is the power of direct experience over discussion.

“You really need to try this. You do. After 15 years of therapy, antidepressants and over 30 years of sobriety the healing has never been like this. Safe. Positive. Profound. To the point. Accelerated. A journey. And, you get the coolest sherpa!” 

Lisa C, Adjunct Professor and Business Consultant


IST is a set of healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation.  It has a wide range of applications for healing, clarity, trauma, and personal growth.  During a session, people will often regress to very early memories, some pre-verbal, to source and release deep emotional imprints.  The term for these imprints is the sanskrit word, samskara. Some people will experience what feels like past lives.  In reaching the source of imprints, there is a resolution and the problems that plagued a person often cease to exist. 

Other techniques of IST work on the subtle layers of your life force, moving stuck and stagnant energy, similar to acupuncture, and can resolve a number of health disorders.

IST originated as a way to help people move forward on their spiritual path.  It has since been adapted to a broad audience and has helped people of all ages, and with varying spiritual and religious beliefs,  This includes those with no spiritual or religious inclinations, which was the category I fell into when I first came across IST in 2008.



Sometimes the changes are intangible. It’s how you feel inside. Other times, the internal change is reflected outward in our lives.
Below are case studies of clients moving towards their potential.

“It’s like opening a book about yourself and not knowing exactly what you will find. There is a surprise in realizing the obvious influences that have been in front of you all along that you could never see or understand without help.  Once you see them, you are able to receive and process them in a much more constructive manner that reduces anxiety, stress, anger, etc. and allows room for you to be happy.” 

K. B., Commercial Construction


HOW:  IST sessions can be in person, online or over the phone. 

That means you can be anywhere in the world. I currently have clients in Europe, North America, Canada.

COST:  Single Session (75 minutes):  $175

HOW MANY:  It’s hard to say as it depends on each person.  I generally recommend coming in for an initial session, seeing if it is a fit, then we’d work to set a custom plan for you. I often work with someone for a period of 3-6 months and offer packages.

LOCATION: For in person clients, Bellingham Washington.  I will often see clients when I’m traveling.

BOOK A SESSION:  Use the contact button below to send me an email. I am always happy to schedule a phone conversation to talk about what you need and how we might work together.

It takes courage to grow and become who you are.

E.E. Cummings.


“I was lost, weary, depleted – longing for a path to freedom.

My life just wasn’t working. I yearned for something deeper than a lifetime of extensive trying, therapy and self-help books had given me. 

I’ve reconnected with my child like sense of wonder, awe, possibility and adventure.  The future looks bright, I will be forever grateful.”

Jessy Bender

“Thank you again for all the healing you did with me!  I know it opened a door for these two (baby twins) to come in.”

Ann Samson, Occupational Therapist. SD

“Jen has the most profound gift to sit alongside you and guide you to release the old trauma and awaken to your true potential. Personally, I’ve been able to break down barriers that have kept me paralyzed in my life for years in just a matter of months.”

Crystal Privett, Executive Health Coach

“After doing this work, I feel lighter and more free. The particular places and feelings we were addressing are getting unstuck and I feel things and remember things more and differently. Like with more hope and peace.

Working with Jennifer was crucial in breaking through the shell towards this steady transformation, which has included weight loss, and old beliefs, fears and trauma being released. ”

May A.,  Massage Therapist

“I’m not sure Jen realizes how much she has helped me through so many things that happened to me in the past few years. She also helped me overcome many of the issues and traumas from my past and deal with lots of uncertainties, fears and insecurities. I don’t know how I would have gotten through.””

Aref A.,  Entrepreneur